April 2017

Avocado, Beetroot, Chocolate, Crickets and Cake


Avocado, Beetroot, Chocolate, Crickets and Cake. This combination combines to form a fudgy dark chocolate cake that is full of protein thanks to Primal Future Cricket Powder. Roasted beetroot and cricket powder is included into the base and the avocado is used in the frosting with dark chocolate to form a silky [...]

January 2017

Primal Energiser Smoothie


The Primal energiser smoothie will wake you up quicker than falling out of bed, in fact it will have you jumping out of bed. Powered by cricket powder for a protein boost and loaded with healthy fruit. Adding cricket powder to your morning smoothies is the easiest way to include sustainable cricket powder into [...]

December 2016

Cricket Powder Protein Crackers


Be careful because these crackers are addictive. Try topping with combinations such as avocado, tomato and hummus or beetroot, feta and olive oil. Powered by Primal Future Cricket Powder these crackers are high in protein. These crackers have a great crunch to them and are rewarding and fun to make over store [...]

November 2016

Cricket Powder Choc Peanut Bliss Balls


Chocolate, Peanut butter and Crickets. A trio of flavours that will keep you coming back for more. Luckily these protein balls are a guilt free snack perfect to have with a coffee. These cricket powder bliss balls require no baking and can be easily made in a big batch and frozen [...]

October 2016

Cricket Powder Gnocchi


Protein boosted fluffy gnocchi thanks to Primal Future Cricket Powder. These tasty morsels swim in a bowl of tomato sauce and are just as fun to eat as they are to make. The inclusion of our cricket powder provides nutty undertones that compliment the savoury dish and provide a [...]

September 2016

Primal Cricket Cookies


A perfect guilt free treat to have anytime of the day. Our Primal protein cookies have no added sugar and are packed full of protein with all nine essential amino acids thanks to Primal Future cricket powder. Our powder also contributes a boost or iron and vitamin B12. Serve [...]

August 2016

Primal Cricket Powder Buns


These diverse fluffy cricket powder buns are Paleo, gluten-free, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They can be enjoyed with a burger, a fresh sandwich, spreads of your choice or even just on their own. These Primal Cricket Powder Buns allow you treat your body right by feeding [...]

July 2016

Cricket Protein Pancakes


Pancakes are an awesome way to start your morning and these ones made with Primal Future cricket powder will provide you with the necessary energy, protein and nutrients to kickstart your day. Enjoy with some berries and a dusting of cacao powder or chopped banana with a light drizzle of [...]

Primal Cricket Powder Falafel Burger


Who doesn't like burgers? These delicious Primal cricket powder falafels are simple to make and will definitely satisfy that burger craving we all experience in a healthy way. How about a falafel salad or a falafel pita? The options are endless and the addition of Primal Future cricket powder provides [...]

Primal Green Smoothie


The Primal Future green smoothie is how we at Primal Future start off each morning. This blend of nutrient rich greens, fresh fruit, ginger & lemon juice is the best way to jump start your day. With a Tbsp of Primal Future Cricket Powder for extra protein and vitamin [...]