Primal Bites – Cacao & Almond


Our Cacao & Almond Primal Protein Bites are our version of protein bliss balls. They are made with 7 natural ingredients and contain 10g of protein per pack of three thanks to the addition of Primal Future cricket powder. Primal Bites are less sweet than typical bliss balls and have been a massive hit at markets and food shows that we attend, commonly described as tasting like everybody’s favourite hazelnut spread. | net weight 60g

Made with Primal Future’s Cricket Powder, which is 100%, ground and milled organic crickets.  Cricket protein powder is a complete protein which means it contains a full nutritional profile of all nine essential amino acids necessary for the dietary needs of humans.  Cricket powder provides a cleaner source of digestible protein that is less processed than most other protein alternatives and contains naturally occurring calcium, iron and vitamin B12 making it a strong contender for the protein of the future.

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